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Misc (Dolls, figures, etc.)


Here you will find our listings
for all our miscellaneous items
This may include dolls, figures, etc...

Bear: $3
All 6 inch plushes: $5 each
L Plush: $15
Sailor Moon Plush: $15

Plushes: $5 each
(Can be bought along with manga as a free gift. See Manga section.)

Chibiusa Mask (Never used.): $2
Fushigi Yugi Unopened Tissues: $2 SOLD
Sailor Mercury Figure: $5
Sailor Moon Magnets: $ .50 each (Comes in a cute little paper bag)
Chibiusa & Helios is SOLD
Ouran Highschool Host Club Mug: $5

Sailor Moon Clocks: $3 each (Do Not Work)
Sailor Neptune doll: $5 SOLD
DoReMi doll: $3
Gundam Wing Figures: $2.50 each; $13 set  SOLD
(I can find the box if buying the set)

Sailor Mercury figure: $8
Tenchi Muyo Figures: $3.50 each, $7 Set
Sailor Moon Fan: $5
Magic Knight Rayearth Puzzle: $5

Sailor Uranus Beauty Change Doll: $35 or Make an Offer! SOLD

Togainu no Chi SHIKI Drama CD UNOPENED: $5
Dot Hack Mutation PS2 (No Box) $5

Mokona Chess Piece: $2
Pokemon Gold Cards: $4 each

Sailor Moon Sleep Over Set (UNUSED): $8
(Includes cup, facial tissues, soap, soap dish, brush and plastic carry-along bag)

Jack doll: $10
Sally doll: $10
Set: $15
Fruits Basket Momiji plush: $10
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